Monday, 11 May 2015

09:00 Volker Bach, TU Braunschweig Diagonalization by unitary flows
10:00 Peter Braun, Universität Duisburg-Essen Periodic orbits and spectral statistics for (pseudo-)arithmetic chaos
11:00 coffee  
11:30 Tilmann Wurzbacher/Alexander Alldridge, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Superorbits
12:30 lunch  
14:00 Gian Michele Graf, ETH Zürich Friction and geometry in Lindbladian dynamics
15:00 Johannes Knebel, LMU München Evolutionary games of condensates in driven-dissipative
systems of non-interacting bosons
16:00 coffee  
16:30 Sebastian Diehl, TU Dresden Bose condensation phenomena in driven open quantum systems

Tuesday,12 May 2015

09:00 Sebastian Schmittner, University of Cologne The crystal-glass transition from a random matrix model for disordered phonons
10:00 Ilya Eremin, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Proximity effects on a topological surface
11:00 coffee  
11:30 Natan Andrei, Rutgers University Quench dynamics in quantum many-body systems in one dimension
12:30 lunch  
14:00 Benjamin Beri, University of Birmingham Topological Kondo effect in Majorana fermion systems
15:00 Hubert Saleur, CEA Saclay Quantum Jost operators and exact overlaps
in the Kondo problem
16:00 coffee  
16:30 Andreas Weichselbaum, LMU München Non-abelian symmetries in tensor networks

Wednesday,13 May 2015

09:00 Pasquale Calabrese, SISSA, Trieste Entanglement negativity and quantum field theory
10:00 Jan Philip Solovej, University of Copenhagen The classical entropy of quantum states
11:00 coffee  
11:30 Leonid Pastur, Kharkov University Large block behavior for the entanglement entropy
of disordered free fermions
12:30 lunch  
14:00 Alejandro Uribe, University of Michigan Semiclassical quantum states associated to isotropic submanifolds of phase space: Their calculus and applications
15:00 Xiaonan Ma, Université Paris Diderot Equidistribution for zeros of holomorphic sections of singular Hermitian line bundles
16:00 coffee  

Thursday,14 May 2015

09:00 Friedrich Götze, Universität Bielefeld Spectral distribution of random matrices and free probability
10:00 Mario Kieburg, Universität Bielefeld Recent progress on products of random matrices
11:00 coffee  
11:30 Dmitry Bagrets, University of Cologne Disordered topological quantum wires: Anderson localization revisited
12:30 lunch  
14:00 Michael Handrek, LMU München The ground state energy of heavy atoms
15:00 Hubert Kalf, LMU München Non-existence of zero modes of the massless Dirac operator
16:00 coffee  

Invited Speakers

Alexander Alldridge / University of Cologne
Natan Andrei / Rutgers University
Volker Bach / TU Braunschweig
Dmitry Bagrets / University of Cologne
Benjamin Beri / University of Birmingham
Peter Braun / Universität Duisburg-Essen
Pasquale Calabrese / SISSA Trieste
Sebastian Diehl / TU Dresden
Ilya Eremin / Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Friedrich Götze / Universität Bielefeld
Gian Michele Graf / ETH Zürich
Michael Handrek / LMU München
Hubert Kalf / LMU München
Mario Kieburg / Universität Bielefeld
Johannes Knebel / LMU München
Xiaonan Ma / Université Paris Diderot
Leonid Pastur / Kharkov University
Hubert Saleur / CEA Saclay
Sebastian Schmittner / University of Cologne
Jan Philip Solovej / University of Copenhagen
Alejandro Uribe / University of Michigan
Andreas Weichselbaum / LMU München
Tilmann Wurzbacher / Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Alexander Altland

Conference Poster


Going by car:
On the freeway A4/E40 take exit number 11 Klettenberg and follow signs to Cologne. When reaching the junction with Universitätsstraße (1) (you see a highrise on your left) follow the signs to the university: cross the junction, make a u-turn and turn right into Universitätsstraße. After approximately 300 meters you will see a sign leading to the parking lot (2) of the physical and chemical institutes. There you will face two large white buildings, the left of which is the department of physics (4).

From Köln Bonn Airport:
Take train S13 to Köln (Ticket Zone 1b) and get off at station Köln-Deutz. At the rear of the platform take the connection tunnel to streetcar line 9, direction Sülz. The department of physics (4) is located next to station Universität (3). Total time of travel about 30 minutes.

From Cologne Main Station:
Follow the "U" signs to one of the two underground stations next to the main station. Take streetcar line 18, direction Klettenberg or Brühl or Bonn (Ticket Zone 1b). After about 10 minutes travel time, exit at station Eifelwall and cross an wide meadow half right in the direction of travel to reach the department of physics (4).

From Köln-Süd railway station:
Take the northern exit (5) (Zülpicher Straße) and turn left. After about 500 m you reach the institute for theoretical physics (4) on your left.

Map of the university / Map of the department


Hotel Hopper "et cetera", Brüsseler Straße 26, 50674 Köln

Hotel Flandrischer Hof, Flandrische Str. 3-11, 50674 Köln

Hotel Elite, Meister-Gerhard-Str. 26, 50674 Köln


Rainer Zuszek (CRC Coordinator)



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